Provides access to unified data, services, data flow controls, and smart machine learning models, and through a set of data transformation and mapping tools allows you to visually build, manage, and fully automate business processes.

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Independent mini applications facilitating a unique function such as "send SMS or fetch data from a remote server". A collection of interconnected services forms a workflow which visually represents an entire business process.

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Special services which augment the flow of data in a process and allow you to branch one data flow into multiple streams, iterate over multiples of data, or filter data flow streams based on a logical condition. Data flow controls fully integrate and make use of our AI module allowing you to generate real time actionable insights and react accordingly.

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Core component which through the application of advanced AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, or optical character recognision provides real time analysis and processing of data and generates actionable insights for smart decision making inside an automated process.

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Powerful data mapping and transformation

Our built-in powerful data mapping and transformation tool allows you to access unified data from any step in a workflow, enrich data on the fly, and transform data between different formats or consolidate to a common schema.

  • Access unified data at any stage of a process
  • Normalize data to common schema
  • Transform data by applying functions
  • Visually map and transform - no coding required

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