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What is it?

SFTP stands for “SSH File Transfer Protocol” sometimes referred to as “Secure File Transfer Protocol. SFTP is not the same protocol as FTP.

The Spojit Flow platform allows you to connect to SFTP servers, generate data files and upload those on a SFTP server, or download files from SFTP servers and process those data files further.

The SFTP service is part of our “Filesystem” group of services which share the same set of methods and operate consistently.

What does it do?

Our SFTP service allows you to connect to an SFTP server of your choice and perform various actions including:

  • creating and deleting of directories
  • creating and deleting of files
  • updating of an existing file, including “create if not exist”
  • checking if files or directories exist
  • listing of files and directories

Use Cases

SFTP servers are widely used for the transfer of all types of files between companies and internally. Some common use cases include

  • Drop-shipping (eg. Nightly download of an entire product line synchronized with ERP and e-commerce website)
  • Automated reports (eg. Daily report of all sales orders in an Excel file)
  • Inventory levels (eg. periodic updates of stock levels submitted in a CSV file to be synchronized with e-commerce platform)
  • Easy and secure file sharing with employees, clients, and businesses world wide
  • Backups and remote storage

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