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What is it?

Workflow Schedule is a feature allowing you to run a process automatically at a specified time of a day, or periodically in specified time intervals.

What does it do?

Each workflow in the Spojit Flow platform comes with a Schedule feature which you can configure to start the entire workflow automatically.

Our Schedule is Time and Locale aware and comes with a minimum interval of 1 minute which means you are able to automatically run a workflow every minute of every day.

Time awareness: Periodic schedule is time aware which means if you set your schedule to start at 5:55 am running every 1 hour, the integration will run at 5:55 am, 6:55 am, etc. The same schedule running every 7 minutes would run at 5:55 am, 6:02 am, 6:09 am etc.

Locale awareness: The date and time you enter into your scheduler is in the time zone of your account. You can change the time zone in My Account settings, ‘Preferences’ tab.

Use Cases

Common use-cases of scheduled automations supplement webhook functionality and include:

  • Daily report generation; eg. a list of new sales orders or customers received for a day sent via email
  • Overnight inventory updates; eg. download FTP file with stock updates and synchronize ERP or online store platform
  • Monitoring services; eg. checking if a web service, application, or a website is functional
  • Notifications; eg. renewals, expiries, payments, due dates etc

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