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What is it?

REST Service is a generic service which allows you to connect to and communicate with remote servers via REST APIs utilizing the JSON format.

What does it do?

This service supports four basic methods for interacting with remote resources - GET for reading a remote resource, POST for creating new records, PUT for updating an existing record, and DELETE for removing an existing record.

Additional configuration allows you to pair this service with all available authorization plugins (eg. basic or oAuth), gives you access to all headers including adding custom headers for all requests, and the ability to manage response codes including complete overrides of all response codes (eg. ability to override evaluation of 2xx response code from ‘success’ to ‘failure’).

Use Cases

This service allows you to connect to any application which uses RESTful API and interact with it by reading, creating, updating and deleting records. Majority of modern applications use some kind of a REST API allowing you to do so. Example applications and platforms include Mailchimp, Revel POS, Google Docs, BigCommerce, Magento, Wordpress and WooCommerce, Quickbooks, Shipstation, and many many more.

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