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What is it?

Mailhook is identical to a webhook and provides instant notifications, however, unlike a webhook, the trigger event is not a HTTP request but rather a new email received at a unique workflow email address.

What does it do?

Mailhooks in the Spojit Flow platform allow users to start a process (Spojit workflow) by sending an email to an email address.

Each workflow in Spojit comes with a unique email address where you can send an email including attachments.

When Spojit platform receives the email, it starts the associated process workflow giving you access to the information extracted from the received email including the sender, subject, content of the body (email html/text), and all attached files in raw data form.

Use Cases

Mailhook, in conjunction with other services such as intelligent document processing (eg. OCR), is most commonly used for in-house process automations in all sectors including retail, banking, insurance, manufacturing, or healthcare.

Some of the examples include

  • Creating a bill in accounting software from supplier’s email with pdf attachment
  • Updating a home loan or credit card application with data from applicant’s emails
  • Pre-authorizations and credit checks
  • Routing of internal email correspondence
  • Acknowledgements of received correspondence / automatic replies
  • Fully automated email customer service

Intelligent Automation

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