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What is it?

This service can write a JSON file from source data which could be used that to create a file on a FTP or make a request in the JSON format. It can also read the data from a JSON file which would create data output.

What does it do?

The JSON Parser service can be used to read and write JSON data files from/to different sources such as FTP servers or in raw form in streams and APIs. This parser service offers two methods, one for reading JSON data and one for writing.

Reading JSON

Read method allows you to read JSON data from a file or a stream such as RESTful API.

Writing JSON

Write method allows you to create JSON data in a raw form based on your configuration which you can upload to FTPs or stream via APIs.

Use Cases

JSON data format is the driving force behind all RESTful APIs and widely used in modern cloud application platforms in all industries.

  • E-commerce integrations; platform like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce
  • Marketing automations; platform such as Mailchimp, Hubspot or Zoho
  • Real time data exchange and integrations between point of sale and e-commerce platforms such as Revel POS integrations or VendHQ integrations
  • Inventory management and keeping stock in sync
  • Database exports and backups
  • Custom integrations and automations

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