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What is it?

CSV refers to a file format and stands for “Comma Separated Values” - a multiline text file format where each line represents a record which consists of one or more fields separated by comma.

What does it do?

The CSV Parser service can be used to read and write CSV files from/to different sources such as FTP servers or in raw form in streams and APIs. This parser service offers two methods, one for reading a CSV file format and one for writing.

Reading CSV

Read method allows you to read CSV data from a file or a stream. It creates an array of objects including the CSV file headers which can be used for further processing of the data in any workflow.

Writing CSV

Write method allows you to create a CSV file from your data in a raw form based on your configuration which you can upload to FTPs or stream via APIs. Our CSV parser service includes additional configuration options allowing you to define the field and record delimiter as well as the column headers.

Use Cases

Comma separated values files are widely used for data exchange between different applications. Some of the common uses include:

  • Stock and inventory synchronization
  • Sales and other reports
  • Search results
  • Digital preservation of records
  • Database exports

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